The CDs below are collection of some of Jessie's favorite chanting and ambient music CDs, which she plays during some of her yoga classes on Radiance Retreats.

The Chanting CDs by Kevin James combine Sanskrit chanting and some of his original heart songs, all beautiful to sing along with or practice yoga to.

Mel Dobra's CD is also a mix of ancient Indian Sanskrit chants and some original English heart songs for singing along with. Both Kevin and Mel have led chanting circles on Jessie's Radiance Retreats in Byron Bay and Bali.

Sean McVitty is a local Byron Bay artist. His 4 CDs inspire yoga, stillness and meditation. Simply divine.

The Oxygen CDs are also beautiful ambient music by Melbourne artist Tonia Plack. Jessie plays these during some of her restoration yoga classes on retreat.

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Note that prices are in Australian dollars and include GST. International prices will be lower.

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